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SAFETY technical SERVICES is working as a whole to consistently improve our goal of satisfying customer needs with the highest “Quality and Service” through ISO 9001. We at STS continually monitor systems and procedures to maintain high standards of safety and quality for customer services and order fulfillment. STS is committed to personal safety across industries, workplaces, job sites, and even in achieving a safe home environment.

As a full-line manufacturer/stockist/distributor of a complete range of safety equipment, we meet customer safety needs, offering products for security, comfort, and confidence for enhanced performance. Our ongoing commitment to working closely with customers, suppliers, and government agencies gives us a unique ability to provide superior, cost-effective solutions for demanding safety-related applications. We manufacture, test, and certify quality lifting, rigging, and height safety equipment for clients in the mining, rigging, construction, and engineering markets. All aspects of lifting gear within our range are tested before dispatch and are sent with relevant certifications to meet the quality our customers expect.

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